About Nenah

Who we are and what we do


Nenah is a trademark of DIMORA srl, a company that has brought together professional and artistic profiles from the worlds of art, fashion and design. The vision of the members and the combination of their experiences has brought to life NENAH, an easy luxury brand that since 2014 has strengthened its identity and presence in the Italian and international markets.

Architect Louis Henry Sullivan, father of the Modern Movement, enunciated in 1896 one of the key principles of architecture and design: “Form follows function”. Nenah’s collections are conceived in accordance with this concept, designing and creating garments whose shape and fit are thought for their use.

The interpretation of this rigorous principle is not limited to cold geometric rules, but is declined with curiosity and determination, passion and amazement, lightness and color, madness and balance.

The shapes’ design, the materials’ research, the patterns’ creation and the textures’ colors are entirely conceived and taken care of by Nenah.

The production is carried out exclusively by carefully selected Italian artisanal companies, which share with Nenah the value of quality and the rigorous commitment to the protection of Made in Italy.


The everywhere trousers are the element that marks the beginning of Nenah’s path, remaining today the most rigorous and fascinating expression of the principles on which every creation of the brand is based.

The everywhere trousers have been designed and patented by applying some complex architectural rules to the human form and interpreting them in an innovative vision.

The result of all this is a product that can boast a feminine fit, impeccable in any size or condition.